04 October 2016

Race Recap: Pink Laundry 5k

Happy Tuesday, which feels like a Monday to me. I didn't get this post up yesterday like I said I would. My great uncle died over the weekend and yesterday was his funeral so I was busy with that then came home and spent some time with my girls and hubs. 

The Pink Laundry race was last Saturday and its a favorite race of mine. I ran it in 2012 and 2013 and loved it! Its a great race put on by some amazing people. The Pink Laundry race is put on to help raise money for the Stephanie-Vest Foundation which helps families who are going through hard times fighting cancer. 

There were over 600 people there but it didn't feel over crowed at all. The course is an amazing and easy course.   Its got a few hills but nothing major. Its all downtown Lee Summit. The weather could not have been more perfect for the race. I remember the last time I about frozen to death waiting for the race to start. This year the hubs and I just had on t-shirts and felt fine. Syd did get a little chilly in the stroller but nothing major. 

Miss O had so much fun! First thing when we arrived she thought she was going to a party because she heard the music. This girl loves a good party. 
She ended up running about 1 mile and 1/2. She stayed right by us the entire time which is shocking since she likes to just go-go-go. About 2 miles in she decided she needs to rest. The hubs pushed her and Syd in the stroller the rest of the way. The last minute of the race Miss O hopped out of the stroller and ran with us across the finish line. She had so much fun. She's already asked to do another one. 

 Chris and I can't wait for out next race! We have one in mind for the end of the month. Thinking about doing it without the girls next time but we'll see. Can't wait to get back to running races like I was a few years ago. I almost forgot how much I love them!

How was your weekend?
Anyone do any 5ks?

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