10 October 2016

October Goals

My not-so-busy weekend turned into a pretty busy weekend. I watched my bff's little girl Friday. Miss O and her are little buddies and I love it. We spent the whole day playing, coloring, dressing up and playing in the tree house. Miss O and Syd loved having the extra company. 

Saturday we woke up early and the hubs and I headed to town to run a few errands. Grandma kept the girls. We had quite a few errands to run and go to places I don't really enjoy with the girls. Bank, post office, grocery store. We also had some time to eat some lunch together without sharing our food. 
That night we had a birthday party. It was a little camping theme and it was so cute! Both girls had so much fun. We were going to go on the hay ride but Miss O was ready for bed. She played hard with all her little friends. 

Sunday we cleaned out our dresser and hutch (not sure the real name for it) in our bedroom. We are getting new ones delivered Friday. For those that don't know, we bought a new bed and headboard/foot board thinking later down the road we will buy the matching dressers. Well, that's been two years and I finally said ok we are buying a our matching set. Plus, I knew a family that wanted to buy my old dresser and hutch. So we cleaned, donated and deep cleaned our master bedroom. We have everything sitting in boxes and totes until we get out new set Friday. Its kind of killing me but at least we've gone through old stuff and donated a lot of clothes we don't use anymore. 

Organizing our bedroom dressers is totally one of my October goals! So getting a set was prefect timing. Here's the rest of the goals I have for the month. 

1. I've really been trying to get a great cleaning routine down for months. I think I finally have something that is working. I took some notes from a few different cleaning routines and made my own. I will have a post on this soon! 

2. DRINK WATER. I think this is something a lot of people struggle with. I know I totally do but I'm trying to get back on a better, healthier me and that starts with water and drinking lots of it. 

3. Organize bedroom dressers. Well I can mark this one of the list! I might do a post on my new set next week and some tips I use when I'm trying to decide to donate something or keep it. 

4. Trying new recipes are a favorite thing I do.  I love cooking something I've never cooked before. I've been pinning away on new recipes. I have a ton of soups I want to try so I'm hoping to try some soon. 

5. I always set this goal every month. I love taking walks at night when the girls are in bed. Keeping a goal to get a certain miles in the month really helps me stay more active. Recently the hubs and I did a 5k and we have another one planned so I'm hoping to go over my goal for this month but we'll see. 

Those are my goals for the month. I love setting little goals. I feel so accomplished when the month is over and I know I've stuck to them. Some months aren't 100% and I'm OK with that. 

Do you set monthly goals?
How was your weekend?
Anyone go to a pumpkin patch?

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