31 October 2016

Halloween Flashback

Happy Halloween!!! We have a very excited 3 year old today!! She woke up at 6am ready to go to Halloween! We always go to our towns "Boofest." Its a great place for kids to get candy. Business from the whole town set up downtown and we walk about 4 blocks and get so much candy. Its so nice and easier with little kids. Olivia loved it last year but I think this year she is really going to have fun. Syd will be happy just hanging out. 

In honor of Halloween I thought I would share our previous costumes. We've had some fun. 

First year Miss O was Olivia the Pig 

 Secound Year Miss O was Wonder Woman

Third year Miss O was Skye from Paw Patrol and Syd's first year she was Minnie Mouse

Last year it was super chilly and windy. I'm so excited this year its going to be nice, warm and almost 80. Hopefully no one gets to hot in their costume. Either way my girls are bond to have tons of fun!! 

Hope everyone has a great day. 

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