09 September 2016

Friday Favorites

Haaaaappy Friday friends!!! 
This week went by so slow to me! I thought it would just zoom right on by since the hubs didn't work Monday. Turns out this has been the longest week ever. Really, it truly felt like it. But, today is a new day and I'm super excited. I love Friday's. I know, who doesn't love them. Do you have any big plans for tonight? We have a home football game we're heading too. I almost forgot to wash Miss O's cheer outfit but thank goodness she reminded me! ;) 
There's not a lot going on this weekend. Saturday, there is a craft/vendor show at the park which I always love going too. Sunday the hubs and I did sign up for a 5k! I know shocking!! I haven't done a race in almost 2 years. I'm so excited!! 
I won't be running but I'll be speed walking pushing the girls in the stroller. Miss O is also running her first race and she's pretty excited. I'll post a recap on Monday, so be looking for it. No really, I will be posting I promise! 

But until then here's a look at my favorite things from the web this week! 

Favorite DIY: DIY Rustic Towel Rack.  I'm begging Chris to help me make this! I would love to have this in our kitchen where we hang our coats and bags. Yes, in the kitchen. If you didn't know we live in a tiny farmhouse so making the best use out of our space. I just love the look of this! So cute and totally looks like something from Fixer Upper. 

Favorite Outfit: I totally went out a bought a green vest just like this from here. Now I just need to find a dress and I'm good to go. This is such a cute and easy outfit. Those are my favorite outfits. Easy but totally look put together. 

Favorite Workout: Run+Swing Workout. I finally found my kettleball (yeah, I really did lose it) and I can't wait to try this workout! I love Carrots N Cake workouts. She has some amazing workouts. Let me know if you try this and if you like it.

Favorite New Facebook Page: GetYonique with Whitney. A friend of mine started selling Yoniqune make-up and she's been doing a "live" video everyday showing everyone this different products they have to offer and its so fun watching her get so creative with makeup. 

Favorite Deal: Free Thieves Laundry Soap with new enrollment of a Premier Starter Kit purchase! The hubs and I are essential oil lovers. I thought they were kind of dumb until I realized they actually work! Plus, this deal is amazing. We are trying little by little to become a better and safer home with all our cleaning supplies and such. Email me if you have any questions this really is a great deal! YLID #: 1759872

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and don't forget to check back Monday for my 5k recap! 

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