20 June 2016

Weekend Fun

Wow, what another great and amazing weekend. These summer days are just flying by. I'm loving it but sometimes I wish time would slow down. 
This weekend was jam packed full with loads of fun. Friday we spent time at my parents farm where my mom has a pool. Miss O and I swam for a good hour. She is loving the water this year! She's a little fish in the pool. 
Saturday started off with Miss O's first dance recital. She's been taking ballet for the last 8 weeks and the teachers goal was just to get the girls in class on stage and not scared of performing. Well O didn't have a problem with that! She may not of done the dance perfectly but she's not shy at all!! It was the cutest thing ever! All the little girls out there dancing. I'm loving this stage of life. 
After the recital we all went out for ice cream then headed to my parents for some BBQ and pool time. We didn't get home until way past bedtimes but it was a great summer night! 
Sunday we had a great day celebrating the man of the house! We got breakfast, opened cards then watched golf. It was a nice and relaxing Father's day. He didn't want to do anything but watch golf. 
The weekends have been so busy since the hubs got out of school but we are loving it! 

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