01 June 2016

June Goals

Happy June!!!! I can't believe its June 1st. I know I probably say this every month but holy cow its summer! We all love summer here. Hubs is home from teaching, pool is open, lots of days spent outside and this year we've added a few fun trips in. 
June goals are easy and ones I know I will get done. Now, May goals... Well they didn't go as planned. May was such a busy and crazy month for us. We had a birthday, graduations, trip out of town and a wedding! I tried really hard to keep up with my goals but they just didn't get done. I did however manage to stick to my cleaning schedule! I still have no idea how I was able to but dang it felt good to stick to something for the whole month. 
I did kind of organize my bathroom closet. Its super tiny and I'm on the hunt for some baskets that actually hold things and are functional. Right now, I haven't found anything BUT I did clean it all out, got rid of expired crap and made it look nicer again. 
My goals this month are super easy and I'm pretty excited for this month! 

1. I make a goal like this every month. The miles are always different each month but I do love having this goal. It helps keep me active. This month I will be posting on instagram more and asking you all to join me in these 45 miles with the hashtag #MOMamaMiles. Join me this month by walking, running, crawling whatever you do to get 45 miles in for the month! I want to see all your post using the hashtag! 

2. I am making it a goal to organize a room in my house every month. My kitchen might take two months but I'm going to try and organize it. We have so much crap we've never used or haven't even seen since getting married. I really want to go through everything and keep the things I MUST HAVE. Like my coffee cup collections ;)

3.  We've been doing so good about cooking at home. I am loving all these new recipes we've been trying. I can't wait to share some with you this month. But I really want to get back into meal prepping veggies and fruits and our lunches. With the hubs being home I've finding myself having to actually think harder for lunch. I know meal prepping them will help this Mama's mind. 

4. This is a new goal for me. I've never been much of a reader. Let's face it sometimes I can barely get through reading a magazine let alone a book. But here lately when Sydney goes to bed a 7 we let Miss O stay up later (because its summer) and watch a movie and its super quite in the house which I have found to be the prefect time to read a book. I started reading NYPD Red by James Patterson and LOVE it but if you have a book that I just NEED to read let me know and I'll ask it to me list! 

5. Enjoy summer! Well folks the days are longer but it seems like the weeks get shorter. This is going to be an amazing summer and I want to enjoy every single bit of it. We have so many fun adventures for this month I can't wait. 

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  1. Me Before You. Yes it's a 'bandwagon book' (everyone's jumping on) but it's so darn good! I couldn't put it down!!!