30 June 2016

Bathroom Floor Remodel

We finally finished the bathroom floor I've been talking about!! I'm so excited and it looks soooo much better! 
Here's a little history about where we live. 
Six years ago my hubs was moving back home to start his student teaching and we had plans to move in together. I was already working at a salon making pretty good money. We had looked at a few places here and there but nothing we really liked. Then we finally picked a place and it didn't work out. Finally, we got word that Chris' cousin had just bought a house and was moving out of his grandpas house. We decided to move in and just stay a year. Well 1 college degree, a wedding and two baby girls later we are still here. I really love this house. Probably mostly because of the history. The hubs great-great-great-great grandparents built it. There's tons of work to be done on it (like the paneling in every room, yuck) but we are tackling little projects here and there. Which brings us to our bathroom floor remodel. 

Our bathroom is tiny. Its old and its just randomly build on because when they build this house they still used out-houses. But until we build on more bedrooms and a whole new bathroom we decided to change out the flooring because it was just gross and I hated it. 

We went to Lowe's more than once to look at what I like to call "easy peasy peel and stick." Sunday I made up my mind on two different colors online so we headed to town to see which color our store had. They had both... After about 20 minutes of going bath and fourth I finally picked out Stainmaster Harbor Slate. I mostly loved the color because I knew it wouldn't show dirt as much and the flooring I REALLY wanted was real tile and no in the budget right now. 

Monday morning Chris started ripping out the old flooring. I'm pretty sure 10 minutes in he already regretted ever wanting to do it. 

I HATED THIS SO MUCH!!!! I'm so so glad we went ahead and changed the flooring. I honestly didn't like people using my bathroom because of it. 

The hubs working hard! We did run into a few problems. I thought it was going to be like a 4 hour job. Apparently, Chris knew it would be a lot of work. Although I wasn't surprised when we ran into some set backs. We found some mold under all the flooring and sub-flooring. Which I guess with such an old home you can expect it. It took no time before the sub flooring was replaced but we were running out of day. It had been a 12 hour day already. So we decided to finish everything the next day. 

This peel-and-stick flooring was easy peasy! We laid out what piece would go where before actually peeling and sticking them. Our bathroom is TINY so it only took 16 pieces. The hardest part was cutting around the cabinet which you don't see in the picture. 

I'm so happy with my choice. I love the dark color. I'm hoping it won't show dirt as much. Its probably a color I won't choose when we build more on and build whole a new bathroom. I will probably choose real tile then but for now this stuff is amazing. Plus, it was way more budget friendly! 

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