03 May 2016

Weekend Getaway: Hermann Missouri

This past weekend I was at Hermann Missouri with some friends celebrating my best friends bachlorette party. I had never been but I know a lot of people that kept saying it was beautiful. 
They weren't wrong! It was so beautiful. 
There was 11 of us that went. We stayed at the Harbor Haus Inn. The Mueller Haus is a 5 bedroom house which slept all of us. It was a pretty and cute house. The couple that ran it were so sweet and cute. They served the most delicious breakfast. 

After getting settled in, who was sleeping where and getting freshened up we decided to go to dinner. 
We headed to Simon's on the Waterfront. It was a cute little place. They had a ton of seafood on their menu. We were all starving so we all decided to get appetizers. I ordered the Fantail Shrimp with baked potato and a side salad. It was so good. 

After we ate we walked back to the house to get our coats since it was pretty chilly then we headed to the waterfront where they were serving wine and had a live band. We all drank some wine and danced. By the end of the night we ended up back at Simon's bar to order some drinks and dance! 

Saturday we woke up bright and early. We ate breakfast all got ready and took the Trolley to different winery's. The trolley cost $15 but its totally worth it. They take you to all the winery's plus they were pretty much take you anywhere in town. 

The first stop we made was Adam's Puchta Winery. They had my favorite wine of the day. Adam's Choice was delicious! They were super busy when we got there so after we did our wine tasting and browsed a little we went on to the next stop which was Stone Hill. 

We had lunch at Stone Hill. I had a delicious burger and waffle fries. We did a wine tasting but there were so many people there we really couldn't hear to learn about the wine. I had one there I liked and ended up buying a bottle to bring home. It was called Jacquesse Kick'n Berry. I loved the taste of this. Plus, its the only red wine I actually like. 

After taking a tour of the wine cellar we all decided to go back to the house to rest a bit before going to dinner. 

We ended up eating at this chicken wing place. I can't remember the name of it to save my life but they had some amazing food. If you go order the cheese fries! Life changing! It was raining after dinner so we just went back to the house for a bit and hung out. We did go to another bar for a few drinks but called it an early night because most of us were exhausted.  

Sunday we woke up and headed home. It was such a great weekend. I already want to go back soon. Everything is within walking distance or the Trolley will take you. It was the cutest little town. Everyone is so friendly. I totally recommend staying at the Harbor Haus too. 

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