31 May 2016

Weekend Fun

 Hello Tuesday! I really do enjoy 3 day weekends, as I'm sure most of you do too. We had a nice a quite weekend. We didn't have any plans and it was amazing! I don't remember the last time we woke up and had nothing to do. We started the weekend off with Chris recording his comic podcast (link here) and the girls and I went to the local farmer's market. I  braved a sit-down breakfast with them and it actually went rather well. Other than Miss O needing to potty when our food came. Then we headed to the park for a little fun. 

Sunday, Miss O, my mom, grandma and I went flower shopping. O's been asking about her flowers for a while so I decided to take her to pick out her own. It was so fun. She loved it. We went to Cedar Lane Greenhouse in Waverly and it had the most beautiful flowers I've seen! 
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day at home with some cleaning and laundry. You know the jobs us mamas (and blogger) never talk about. I'm already looking forward to this weekend. The hubs and I are getting away for a little mini anniversary trip! 

Happy Tuesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a new workout! :) 

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