09 May 2016

Syd's First Birthday Party.

We celebrated a little girls first birthday this weekend. I still have no idea how in the world a year has almost passed by. I remember thinking I hope this first year goes by a lot slower than the first year with Miss O. Sure enough, it went by faster... 

We had her party a little early this year. Our month is crazy busy and full so we had to have it early. We celebrated with friends and family. Little Lady loved having all the attention on her. 

The theme was carousels. When searching themes for Olivia's party last year I saw the cutest invitation and quote and just knew I wanted that to be Syd's first birthday invitation. 

"The Carousel of Life turns so fast, it's hard to believe a year has passed!"

My mom is super crafty (me not so much) so when I showed her a few ideas and told her to work her magic she did just that. This was such a fun party to put together. I love going all out for our girls birthdays. I didn't get parties growing up and Chris only had one or two so I really love being able to have these for our girls. The pastel colors were my favorite part. I really thought about doing the girls room in these colors after having the party. 

Happy first birthday Syd Boo! We love you so much. 

Gold "S" -Hobby Lobby
Carousel Fabric- Hobby Lobby
"ONE" sign- Hobby Lobby

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  1. What a neat, original party theme!!! The colors are great! Happy birthday Pretty Little Lady!