02 May 2016

May Goals

Wow, its May already! I can't believe how fast this year is going.
May is going to be a very busy month for my family and I can't wait! We have a wedding, graduations, first birthday and the hubs starts his summer vacation! 

I'm also starting my first garden this month. My in-laws have always done the garden. Last year we didn't do anything and I hated it. I wanted my own veggies so bad! I'm so excited. It has finally quit raining so I can finally start planting things this week. I'm just doing a small garden. I really just want to plant cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, spinach and kale. I'm starting small and then maybe I'll make my garden a little bigger next year. 

As always I love sitting monthly goals that I can try my best to achieve. I always pick easy goals but they are things I know I need to get better at. 
Here's to May's goals and keeping up with them! 

1. I really have been trying to stick with a cleaning schedule. I feel like the days I try to do everything usually doesn't happen. So lately I've been doing a certain chore on a certain day. I'll share my schedule this week if anything wants to see it.

2. I always have a goal to run/walk a certain number of miles in a month. This month is 40. I'm hoping and praying I can get these miles in since we have such a busy and crazy month. 

3. I've always had a love for cooking but I feel like her lately we've been in a dinner rut. I've gotten a few new cookbooks over the past few months and I really want to try a new recipe. I want to cook a new one at least once a week maybe more! 

4. Organize! Our house is need of a lot of organization this year. I've been trying to pick a project each month. This month is the bathroom closest. Its full of old junk and just needs a good cleaning. 

5. Don't stress. I tend to stress out when I'm super busy. I have such a busy and crazy month I'm really going to and let it not stress me out. I need to remember to enjoy everything that's happening this month. 

Here's to a great month. I'm so excited for everything we get to celebrate this month. 

Do you set monthly goals?
Would you like to see a cleaning schedule?

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