13 May 2016

Friday Link Loves

Hellllllo Friyay!!! 
We are super excited its friday around here. Its the hubs last day of school. He's closing in on his 5th year of teaching and still loves it! 
I had no idea today was Friday the 13 AND its suppose to be a full moon. Hoping tonight isn't to crazy haha! 

Here's some of my favorite links from the week. 

If you didn't know I'm a Brady Band rep. They have some of the most amazing headbands around. They stay on my head, never slip, plus all new customers she's letting you order a black band for FREE to see how much you love it before you buy some! Go check it out! Plus I have a code for 15% off using KW15

I really want to give this recipe a try this weekend! They look delicious and its a recipe made the skinny way. I'm loving this new workout gear! 
I can't wait to make this cake for Sydney's birthday on Monday. Along with another new recipe to try next week. I've never made Chinese at home so we'll see how easy it is! 

Hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th and happy weekend!! 

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