04 May 2016

Currently {May}

I love reading these post on fellow blogs I read. Currently. It's a blog post about the current things I'm loving, reading, watching or doing. So, today I thought I would share with everyone what mine currently favorite things are. 

Current Book: Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. I bought this book at Walmart last week. I haven't started reading it yet but I love Kate Hudson and can't wait to start reading it. I'l let you all know how I like it. 

Currents Celebration: Syd Boo is turning ONE this month so we are having her birthday party this Saturday. I can't believe my baby is turning one. I'm so excited to celebrate her with friends and family.  

Current Show: L.A. Clippers Dance Squad. I am loving this show. I used to dance waaaay back in the day so shows like this are always fun to watch. Of course there is a little drama but I still love this show. Its fun to watch. 

Current Drink: Bia Kula Watermelon. I swear all my friends on FaceBook having been drinking this drink for a while. I finally decided to try the watermelon flavor and I LOVE IT!! It's so refreshing and delicious. Reminds me so much of summer. 

Current Product: ELF Nourishing Night Cream. I am really loving this night time cream. I've been wanting to trying some e.l.f stuff for a while and decided to bite the bullet and try it. I have quite a few make up brush and love them. This night cream is amazing and makes my face feel so soft and smooth. 

Current Obsession: Miss O has started her ballet. OHMYGOSH it's so cute watching her try and dance in her little tutu's.


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