25 April 2016

Weekend Fun

Wow, what a weekend. It was a busy and fun one though! 
Our weekend really started Thursday it seemed like. Miss O had her first day of ballet. She seems to love it. Its so cute watching little 2 year old girls dance in their little ballerina outfits. 
Friday we did some errands around town then came home and was outside most of the day and evening. The hubs mowed, I strapped Syd to my back while I cleaned out some flower pots and Miss O helped me. Then we ended the night ordering pizza and playing outside in their play house. It was a great day! 

Saturday, I woke up met my mom and we went flower shopping. Originally we went to look for veggies to plant in my garden and ended up buying flowers for my pots. I did find a few vegetable plants I want to plant in my garden. 

Sunday we went to see my dad. Olivia and him usually have play dates on Sunday's since he's pretty busy during the week. My mom and him run their own business and he's a part time farmer so he's super busy this time of year. After they got done hanging out, we went back to our place so he could show me how to till a garden. I am having my first little garden this year and I'm super excited! I'm not planting much just the basics since I've never done it before. We shall see how good I am at keeping it alive. 

It was a great weekend. It was so nice out the entire weekend. I'm so ready for summer! 
How was your weekend?
Do you plant a garden?

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