22 March 2016

Sydney: 10 Months

I can't not believe in 2 very short months my baby girl will be 1. I might cry writing this post. 
Miss Syd is completely different from her Big Sister but she fits our family so well. I honestly don't remember what life was like with just Miss O. 
We are loving life and I love this stage so much! Sydney brings us so much joy. 

Sydney is crawling everywhere. She can walk around funiture and when were holding her hands. I know she'll be walking way before O ever started. 
Little Lady is what I call her. I mean she has about 50 nicknames by now. She's very shy and loves her Mama. She loves to play with Big Sister and loves watching her run around. Going for walks in the stroller has become a favorite now that the weather is nice again. She loves both of her grandpa's just like Olivia. There's something about those two guys that my daughters love. Minnie Mouse is probably her favorite character right now. I wonder if she'll love Paw Patrol like O. 

This girl LOVES food. Like really, really loves food. She knows when she's sitting in the high chair there better be some food coming her way. She's totally over baby food. Loves just about everything I give her to eat. 
Favorites are: green beans, eggs, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, strawberry and sweet potato.  She usually tries anything I put in front of her. 

Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise. She loves the Little People too. Girl loves napping and always falls asleep in the car. 

That's our little shy lady. We love her so much and can't wait to celebrate her birthday coming soon! 

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