04 February 2016

Sydney: 8 Months

Its hard to believe my baby is almost 9 months now. I have no idea where time has gone. 
Our first 6 months were rough. She cried a lot, wanted to be held a lot. She was needy. Nothing like her big sis when she was a baby. Then we found out she had acid reflex which is why she was so needy. 
She grew out of it by month 7 and is happy as ever. 

She's the shy and sober one of the family. Its so crazy how different she is already from Miss O. Although, sometimes I wonder if when she starts talking, O will let her in on the conversations. 

Her favorites things right now are, jumping in her jumper, puffs, rolling on the floor, playing with books. 

Sydney 8 months:
Weight: 18.9
Height: 27 1/2 
Nicknames: Sis, Little Lady, Syd, Syd Boo
Milestones: feeding herself puffs, rolling around like crazy, finally started sleeping at least 6 hours straight, sits up on her own, loves riding in the front of shopping carts, loves "playtime" with Big Sis. 

She isn't quite crawling yet, she's almost there. Olivia wasn't crawling until almost 10 months so I'm not worried. She loves Mickey Mouse and loves watching the Minion movie with her big sis. Music is her favorite too! 

She's such a joy to our family. I thought at first we were crazy having kids so close together but now that she's older and getting more independent I'm loving the 22 month age gap. I have no idea if we will have more kids. Right now our family of four feels complete. 

Syd Boo we love you! 

How did you know you were done having kids?

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