25 January 2016

Weekend Recap

I have no idea how the weekend goes by so quickly anymore. Last weekend was a relaxing one. We didn't really have any plans besides Sunday. This is rare for us. I feel like we always have 500 things to get done over the weekend. It was pretty nice to just set relax and actually get some house work done. 
I know boring! 
Friday night the hubs and I ran some errands then he went to the school dance to chaperon and I stayed home with the girls. I was going to go with him but decided since he wouldn't be gone long I'd just stay home. Olivia picked out a movie and had a treat of popcorn. It was pretty fun. 
Saturday, Chris woke up and went to help his parents burn down an old building they've been tearing down. Since there was still snow on the ground they wanted to burn it a little. While he was doing that I did what every wife does. Cleaned the girls room and caught up on laundry. We got a new washer and dryer last week and its amazing how much more laundry I get done since it holds so much more. 
Sunday I went to lunch with my bff Kendra. We also picked out wedding flowers and her cake. It was so fun! I love being a part of the wedding planning. The only other wedding I've ever been in besides my own was when my parents for married I was the flower girl and my cousin at age 8. So this is super fun for me! Plus, getting married almost 5 years ago, wedding styles have totally changed! 
Here's some pictures from the weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend also! 

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