17 January 2016

Sunday Meal Plan

Hey guys!! I have been going back and fourth about whether or not to start blogging again. 
Life with two kiddos is busy but man I miss blogging. I REALLY miss blogging. Its that time of morning I get to myself to drink my hot coffee and write all my thought down for you guys to read. 
Its something I really enjoy so I decided to jump into it again. I have so many ideas, including a new name coming this week. New recipes, new crafts with kiddos, new fitness post, new everything. I'm so excited to start this little blog again. I took a long, long break but I can't wait to start this all over again! 

For new readers or new-ish reader I'll re-introduce myself tomorrow. But until then here's what we are eating this week! 

Sunday 1/17: English Muffin Pizza with carrots/hummus 

Monday 1/18: Italian Turkey Burgers with homemade sweet potato fries (recipe coming soon)

Wednesday 1/20: Skinny Beef & Noodles  

Thursday 1/21: Lemon & Garlic Chicken Legs with Roasted Broccoli 

Friday 1/22: Leftovers (school dance)

Saturday 1/23: Burrito Bowls (recipe coming soon!) 

I hope everyone enjoys today. We will be staying inside and keeping warm on this very, very cold day. 

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