20 January 2016

Snow Day

It snowed all day yesterday. We got about a 3 inches. 
I really can't believe this is only the second snow storm this year. We had a small snow storm the first week of the year. It wasn't nearly as cold as it is this week. 
This week has just been plain freezing. So cold our dog barley wants to go out. 

This is the first year were Miss O can really enjoy the snow. She LOVED it. Her daddy took her outside to play in it while I took pictures. She got some new snow gear for Christmas. I couldn't wait for it to snow. I really kept thinking it would never snow this year because we actually got gear. 

She loved kicking it, eating it, making snow angels and throwing snow balls. The poor girl could barely move after all the layers I put on her. HAHA. She fell face first twice and she got right back up and played. We didn't stay out to long. She was upset we had to go back inside but some hot chocolate cheered her right up. 

It was so fun taking pictures of her playing this year. I can't wait until next year when O and Syd can both play in it. I hope Sydney loves it just as much as Miss O. 


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