29 January 2016

Let's Talk Snacks

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!! I know you are super excited its Friday again! I know I am. 
We are having a sleepover tonight. Miss O's bff is sleeping over. We are pretty excited.
The hubs and I will also find out what its like having 3 kids. Haha. 
But until I give you an update on that lets talk snacks. 

Snacks. Everyone loves them but they aren't always the healthiest. 
Liv would snack all day if I let her. She would skip her meals and just eat snacks all day long. 
She does get two snack a day though. 

Most days she gets a snack between breakfast and lunch then another mid-afternoon snack before dinnertime. 
She has tons of favorite snacks but right now her favorite is Halos. And I love them too because they are super easy and fast to peel. She isn't the most patient when she's hungry. Then again, who is! 
So today's post I thought I would talk about some of our favorite healthy snacks we've been enjoying lately!

Favorite Healthy Snacks 

Whole Almonds
Dried Banana
Carrots & Hummas
Banana & Pb
Energy Bites (recipe coming soon)
Homemade Banana Bread Bars
Greek Yogurt Pops (recipe coming soon)
Trail Mix
Cheerio Bars (Recipe coming soon)
Yogurt Bark

Also my friends at Nuts.com put together this great little guide to help you get a healthy snack when your craving something not so healthy! 

These are all the snacks we are enjoying right now.  I know this summer will be filled with lots of smoothies and homemade ice cream pops as a snack. 
Also, here's a great page for healthy snacks you should check out. There are some great ideas on their too. 
We are simple girls. Most days a piece of fruit is snack of choice. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend! 

What's your favorite snack?
Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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