19 January 2016

About Me

Goooood Tuesday morning friends!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. 
We didn't do much. It was way to cold to get out and do anything. And now there's a snow storm on its way. So staying inside again today. 
Anyone else ready for Spring?! 

The other day I told you I would re-introduce myself. I've seen there's a few new readers and thought I would tell everyone a little about myself. 
I'm Keyona living in a small town in Missouri. I'm about an hour away from the closest Target. I married my middle school sweetheart, Chris, almost 5 years ago June. We have 2 little girls. Miss O is 2 1/2 and Syd is 8 months. We are busy trying to keep up with the both of them but we love it. 
I'm a part-time stay at home mom and I work part-time for my parents. They own their own business and I love it! 

I started this blog almost 5 years ago with it being just about me losing weight, getting fit, running races and recipes. And while all of those things are still things I love to write about. I also love the thought of adding other things to this blog. Crafts, DIYs, and kid things. 

Let's talk about weight thing first. Almost 4 years ago I lost around 50 pounds. I was running 5ks almost every weekend, eating healthy and I joined a gym! Then I got pregnant with Olivia, which we were thrilled about! But the weight I put on wasn't fun. I didn't gain very much with her. Only 20 pounds, I was so sick the entire time. Those 20 pounds came off in no time! I was back to the weight I was before I got pregnant. Back to eating healthy and running again. 
Then we found out we were having another baby. Sydney was born May 16, 2015. I gained about 35-40 pounds with her and it didn't just fall off after having her. 

Now its time to get me back. I'm ready to shed some pounds and get back to running again. Chris and I have already signed up for our first race in March. I started c25k again. Trying new recipes I can't wait to share and my fitness journey to a healthier me. 
Oh and then there's those crafts, DIY and other things I love to talk about. 
Welcome to Adventures of a Missouri Mama!

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