02 September 2015

Something New

Hey everyone! 
Wow I can't believe its September already!? Where did summer go?
It went by way to quickly that's for sure! 

We have finally found our groove since Chris has gone back to school. It was hard to first few days. More like first couple of weeks but now going on week three I think we got it down. 
I was really spoiled having him home the entire first 3 months with Syd Boo. And let me tell you two kids is a lot harder than I really thought it would be. They are always both needing something at the same time! 
But they are still cute as ever! Am I right, :) 

I also want to let you guys in on a little something new I've decided to do. For months I watched a girl I went to high school with join It Works! and change her life. After months and months of deciding weather or not to try a product, finally one day I said why not? What's it going to hurt to try one thing. 
Well that one thing was Thermofit and within a week of using it I decided to try some more great products. 

Then after about two weeks of using and loving all the products I was using I decided to bite the bullet and become a distributor. At first I wasn't sure if I should but then I decided why not. I'll only be out a few bucks and its worth trying if I can earn a little extra money right. I decided I would give it a go and make a little extra money for Christmas. We usually always use Chris' football bonus but this year I wanted to save that. 

I can not tell you how much I love love love all these products and how much I can't wait to buy others that I haven't tried yet. I love that everything is with all natural ingredients and non-gmo! That was a huge bonus. 

Chris and I started the 90 day challenge to help us lose some pounds. I have a wedding, 10 year high school reunion and 5 year anniversary trip to get ready for next year. Plus, its just time for me to get healthy and lose weight after having babies two years apart! 
I want YOU to join us in this challenge! 
Honestly if you're interested in trying ANYTHING I want you to email me! or leave you email in the comments. 

These are products I believe in! So don't hesitate to contact me for information. 
If there's some interest I might even do a wrap giveaway! 
Comment below your email if you would like information,

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