22 June 2015

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday Friends!! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and all the dads out there has a great Father's day! 
We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We've been hanging pretty low with a newborn. Friday we had dinner at my in laws and watched the Royals on t.v. 
Then Saturday Miss O and I met our besties at the city pool for some fun swimming. It was the first time we have been this year and its def going to be something we do a lot more. She loved it!! 
We went once last year and she didn't really like it but I think she was just to little, she wasn't quite walking yet. I'm so glad this year was a hit.
Sunday we woke up early went out for breakfast to celebrate Chris' second Father's day! Then we went to see my dad and his dad, came home watched some baseball had breakfast for dinner (its our favorite thing to cook for dinnertime) and just relaxed before the week started. There was laundry and dishes I should have probably done but I know there will be there when I wake up so I didn't worry about doing them! 

These delicious black raspberries picked out our back door! 

Also, this is the text you send your hubs when you've been to the grocery store about 32 times specifically for paper towels and keep forgetting them, then you go AGAIN and he says don't come home till you remember them! HAHA 

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