22 December 2014

December First Box

A few years ago before having Miss O I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest. 
I know, go figure an idea from Pinterest. 
Anyways, it was this little box filled with Christmas stuff, pjs and some hot coco. I knew I really wanted to do something like that when we have kids. The hubs and I decided instead of giving it to the kids on Christmas eve we would do it every year on December 1st so they could enjoy the pjs and other items included in their box. 
Last year was our first year with Miss O. I loved it so much I couldn't wait til this year. 

Here's what she got this year. 

Miss O with last years box.

I look forward to sharing this tradition every year with the kiddos. I still can't believe we will have another baby next year! I'm so excited and can't wait. I hope Miss O grows up to love this tradition with the years to come. 

Conversation time: 
Do you have any favorite traditions? 
What's the one thing you look forward to during the holidays?

Happy Monday! 

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