02 September 2014

September Goals

Good Morning!! 

Happy Tuesday! I'm so glad yesterday was a holiday. We caught up on laundry, did some meal prep and went to visit Chris' grandpa. His birthday was Sunday so we went to say hello and happy birthday. It was a great day off. We even got to bbq some wings! Recipe coming soon! 

So since its already September (I know I can't believe it either) I thought I would do my monthly goals again. 
I really can not believe its September. Its my favorite time of the year. Football games, cooler weather, racing, fall colors, pumpkin EVERYTHING and the start to all my favorite holidays! 
Although I'm sad to see summer end I'm super excited for all the holidays to come. It's going to be so fun this year with Miss O. 

Speaking of goals here's how I did with my August goals.
I did run/walk 60 miles which I think it pretty good. I was only 10 shy of my goal which is probably the closest I've been in a long time. 
I did meal plan almost every week. There was one week I planned for only a few days and quickly remember how awful it is not to have a plan. 
September meal planning is going to be amazing since I just started my 21 Day Fix

I didn't lose 8 pounds but I'm ok with that. I lost a few inches and right now as much as I hate not seeing the scale move I'm not letting it stress me out. 

Here's what I have planned for the next 30 days! 

Conversation time
What are you monthly goals?
Are you excited for fall?

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