07 August 2014

Navy and White

Heeellllloooooo Friends! 
Its Thursday which means we are headed to Springfield! 
Guys, I am beyond excited to get away at least once before school starts. I'm so bummed the hubs couldn't enjoy his summer but at least we get to see our best friends one last time before football season starts. 
So since I've been to busy packed and cleaning the house (I hate coming home to a dirty house) I haven't worked out a lot. But I have two work out post coming to you next week! Woohoo!! 
I knew y'all would be excited. 
Today I thought I would try and be some type of blogger model and show you my new favorite outfit. I went shopping like a month ago with my mom and really wanted to get myself a new outfit. You could say I've put myself on the back burner since having Miss O. Plus I haven't wanted to buy much since I'm still trying to lose some weight. Which I think will always be a working progress. 
Anyways, so we went to Old Navy which I've fallen in love with. They've always had cute kids clothes but I think they are starting to get cutter adults clothes now days. And they have some amazing jewels. 
I found this dress and wasn't quite sure about it but my mom said like it so I tried it on and fell in love. Its not typically a print I would choose but I really love it. 

The dress is so comfy to wear. I love the matrial. Now, I wouldn't wear the sweater normally unless I know I'm going somewhere its chilly. 

This outfit is going to be perfect for shopping with the girls or running errands around town. It's in my suitcase for our trip to Springfield. 

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! Check back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites! 


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