04 August 2014

August Goals

Good Morning! 
I've had a pretty busy morning. I prepped food all morning for this week. Also, trying to get some stuff together for our trip away this weekend. We are headed to Springfield. I usually try and get things sat out and started on the packing at the beginning of the week. I have no idea how I used to just throw everything in a bag in one day before! 
And can I just say holy cow its August! Ugh I'm not ready for the hubs to head back to school. We haven't had a summer. We are both totally bummed. Football practice started bright and early this morning. Miss O was very sad when she woke up with her daddy gone. 
Speaking of August I should probably post my monthly goals since I didn't get to post them Friday. 
July's goals went pretty well. I got in 75 miles. Only 10 behind what I wanted to hit! 
I didn't do my squat challenge every day. I usually forgot about it on Saturday's and Sundays then I would remember right before bed Mondays. I would try and do them before bed. Usually I didn't make it but at least I tried. 
I did stay on track with meal planning and its still going strong. I think this will be a goal every month. It's probably one of the most important goals for me. 
Here's what I have for this month. 
I have about 8 weeks in a row where there's a race so I'll be doing a lot of training this month. 
I'm pretty excited for this month. Its going to be a great month full of amazing things. 
I can't wait to complete the next 4 week of PiYo. Its really amazing to see the changes in my body in pictures. I really didn't think it was changing that much. Can't wait to show you pictures at the end of the month! 

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