28 July 2014

Weekend Fun

Good Morning!! 
What a busy weekend we had. Friday we went out to eat now that the hubs is back to walking. Yay! No, really you have no idea how excited I am about him walking. 
After we got dinner I came home to pick a few veggies. I've been going out there just to see if anything looks ready, then I end up picking a lot of stuff! I just can't help it. This time I picked way to many cucumbers before I realized it I picked about 10 gallons worth. 
Good thing were making pickles today! 

I can not wait til this is ready! 

My garden buddy!! 

Saturday Miss O, my mom and I went shopping for a few things. We were needing a smaller stroller for long trips. Like when we got to Springfield. Our jogger take up our whole trunk so we needed something smaller for it. I still LOVE my jogger. Best purchase ever. 
We also got some great deals for Miss O next summer. She's been right on target for clothes size so I've been getting things super cheap. And she won't care one bit it it was last seasons. 
This girl are her love for stuffed animals... We might have a problem

Also I enjoyed myself one of these. I haven't had one since like May so I was due for one! 

Skinny Vanilla Latte

Sunday we gathered stuff to make pickles. Bought groceries. Played outside and had a nice relaxing day. I love weekends with family. 

Conversation time
How was your weekend? 
Did you do anything exciting?

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