07 July 2014

Race Recap: Stars & Stripes 5k

Gooooood Monday Morning Friends!! 
Wow, what a crazy and fun weekend. 
It was so nice to have a three day weekend. Mine started with a trip to the city Thursday night. My mom, Miss O and I went to stay the night at my cousins for our run Friday morning. 
We also went to the new Sam's Club in Liberty. Which may have been a bad idea. It was CRAZY busy. One being a holiday weekend and two being brand new. But it was a good trip. We got tons of stuff. 

Friday morning we woke up at 5 a.m. to head to our race that started at 7:30. Why is it that I can wake up just fine on race days but the days I'm home with an alarm clock going off to workout I usually go back to sleep. Ugh. 
The race was the Stars and Stripes 5k. It was held in Lee Summit. It was the first time I did this race. 
I LOVED this race. It was such a great turn out plus there wasn't ANY HILLS! 
I mean a race without hills it a great race in my book. 
There was about 1500 people that ran this race. They also had one in Wichita KS. I think they had a great turn out there too. 

Race #7!
There were quite a bit of Military people running which I think it always cool but it was really cool on Independence day. 
I didn't PR on this race BUT I did run the entire 3.1 miles expect when I got water. I seem to always choke when I'm running and drinking water. 
It was a pretty big deal to me that I found a great pace and stuck with it. I was pretty excited and proud of myself. 
Mom and me 

Cousin Shelley and me 
I will totally be running this race again next year!

 Conversation time:
How was your holiday weekend?
Anyone workout over the 3 day weekend?
Do you have trouble getting out of bed for a early morning workout?
No, just me?!


  1. Sounds like a fun 5K (especially with no hills). I also ran a 5K - and it was fun to see everyone in R,W and B.

  2. Congrats on running the full distance. It looks like a fun race and great medal! I ran the YMCA freedom run 10K this year in Chillicothe. It is a small race but a great atmosphere. There were several hills though :(