21 July 2014

Miss O Turns ONE

Happy Monday Friends! 
I can not believe the weekend is over. We had a great one. Hopefully its the last weekend that Chris isn't able to walk. We have a Doctors appointment next week and we're hoping to have the o.k. to walk again. 

So I remember telling you I would post Miss O's big birthday bash with you last week and I didn't. I'm waiting for my aunt to give me a cd of all the pictures she took. I have a few on my phone but I know hers will look better but I haven't got the cd yet so I thought I'd go ahead and share the party with you. 

It was a GREAT first birthday party. Girlfriend got a TON of new toys that are taking up my living room and some cute new outfits. I was pretty surprised she didn't get cranky during the party. She wouldn't take a nap that day. Probably knew it was party day ha! 
The hubs and I are so thankful for everyone that came to help celebrate Miss O. We have some amazing family and friends. 

I bought the Happy Birthday banner here. The Olivia the Pig cutout here. Her dress was made by a friend of mine but she makes them for everyone! Go check out her Facebook page here
I made everything else. I'm pretty proud of myself, I got really crafty with this birthday! Now onto thinking about the theme for next year! 


  1. Great decorations and cake table!!! I wish we had parties for the kids where I could do all that. Instead it's just our parent's, and we each have a sibling w/ a small family that comes. So seems crazy to do all that just for them. But I guess as I type this it's not for the guests, it's for the bday boy! I'd like to do s/t more for Tate's first bday, less than 7 months away - better get planning! :)

  2. Great first birthday! I love the theme and O is so adorable. You did a wonderful job on the decorations.

  3. Great party, love all the decorations! I can't wait to plan my sons 1st birthday!