09 July 2014

Miss O Turns 1

Happy Wednesday Y'all! 
Today is Miss O's first birthday! 
I can't believe she's one. I don't have a regular ol' workout post for you. 
Today I have something better! 

I found this really amazing company through my Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador program. 
Cheer Baby. The name totally caught your attention didn't it! 
Jessica is the founder of Cheer Baby. She's also a mommy and competitor.  
She makes the CUTEST t-shirt and accessories for babies! 
Did I mention she's from Missouri?! I just love when I find people from Missouri. 
(Isn't this the cutest!)

Here's a little more about Jessica and Cheer Baby

"I own Cheer Baby where I create motivational baby onesies and toddler shirts that cheer on family members who run. The apparel cheers on moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles with designs such as “my grandma runs faster than your grandma”, “my mom is half (13.1) crazy”, and “dad’s running partner - providing motivation since day one.” Cheer Baby also works with race directors and charities to create custom apparel that is event or charity specific. Running has seen continual growth the last decade, and according to Running USA, 44% of runners have children. Cheer Baby looks to fill that market with cute and inspiring outfits!"

I mean how cute would it be to be in the middle of a half marathon and see your little one wearing one of these cute shirts! 

Miss O totally needs this one
What I really love about Jessica and her business is that its GREAT quality. The oneise I got is true to size. Also, I love that on her tag she put instructions on how to dry it. Because I probably would of screwed that up. HA
 She's the sweetest girl I've talked to AND she's giving my readers a GREAT discount. 
20% off when you order by July 31 with code SD20
Guys, I'm telling you this is a great deal plus these shirts are too stinking cute! I mean come on how cute Miss O look in hers! 

And now for a couple pictures to compare of Miss O! 

1 day old to 1 year old. 

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  1. I can't believe Olivia's 1 already! Wow did that year go fast!! Hope she had an awesome day!