01 July 2014

July Goals

I can't believe its already been another month since I've done my monthly goals. 

Let's talk about my June Goals. They were pretty good until the hubs had surgery. Then it was hard for my to get a workout in. Really it was hard for me to get a shower in at first. Taking care of him and Miss O was hard. Plus, Truman to take care of. It was like having 3 babies. Defiantly not ready for another baby! 

Thank goodness after 2 weeks post surgery we have everything down and I can get my workouts in. 
Anyways, back to my June goals.
So, my run/walk goal, well that didn't happen by a long shot. Either did my 5k PR time I was shooting for. 
Oh well, there's always this month. 
Now, my meal planning was pretty good. Other than the days we were at the hospital. I mean I packed good healthy snack but I just couldn't help to food choices. I ate what I thought was the healthiest. But I won't lie they weren't great choices. 
Also, those 8 pounds, well they didn't happen either. I may have stressed ate a few times. But thank goodness its a new month!!  

I know July is going to be a great month. Only 4 more week til the hubs in off crutches and Miss O turns 1 this month. Plus, I feel more motivated than I have in a while. 
So here's all my goals. 

I have my running goals all mapped out on my calender so I KNOW when I need to run and how much on what days. Also, here's the squat challenge I'm doing. 
My legs are burning from today's squats! 

I'm really hoping to run a mile in under 14 minutes. I'm going to try hard to beat it. I know your probably thinking that's a slow mile. Hey, I'm slow who cares. I'm not wanting to be fast.

And as always I need to stay motivated. 

Conversation time: 
Do you have monthly goals?
Was June a great or bad month for you? 

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  1. I've read others say they do sprints to increase their running speed. LIke they run normal then do a minute sprint, then normal for a few minutes, then sprint a min, etc for 20 min or so. It;d be worth a shot, right? :)

    I'm sorry I missed that your husband had surgery. How's he doing now? And Miss Olivia is going to be 1 already??? Does that even seem possible? And can you remember what life was like before her? It's like these littles have always been a part of your life.

    Have a great day!