02 July 2014

Baby Girl Outfits

Yesterday went by way to fast. I felt like I was just running around the whole day. 

Started off with eating breakfast, then I went to work for a while, then to the grocery store. Then I decided to wait to go to Wal-Mart for a few things until after Miss O went to sleep. Got there and it started storming bad. So I came home instead of shopping. 
Hoping I get the rest of my errands done today after a haircut. 

I've been eating the same thing for breakfast for like 2 weeks now. I love it

Also, made this delicious Skinny Iced Coffee by iFoodreal. Recipe here.

While working with my mom today we were trying to figure out if we had anything patriotic to wear for our race on Friday. We don't besides our normal red or blue tank. 
We really should of order these socks for the race. 

Anyways, while thinking of race clothes I thought about what Miss O would wear Friday. I'm pretty sure she has like 3 different outfits to choose from. 
So, I thought I would share some of my favorite items I wish she had to choose from. 
Old Navy and Baby Gap are my favorite stores for babies. And these looks are just too cute to pass up!
I may have ordered a couple of these looks for next summer... Shhh don't tell the hubs! :)  


Happy Wednesday!

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