16 June 2014

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday! 
We are pretty excited its Monday in this household. 
Miss O and I are going to the city pool today to have some fun. Then we are having a bbq with the in-laws and my brother in law. 
We are also going to be watching the USA play in the world cup today! 
I really never watched soccer until now. The hubs loves soccer. I mean he has a Liverpool tattoo on his calf that's how much he loves it. But I've really started to enjoy soccer while watching the world cup. 

Remember Friday when I said we didn't have many plans for the weekend? Well it ended up being a pretty busy weekend. But it was a great weekend. Celebrating all the dads in our lives. 

Saturday I went to the farmers market in town to help my MIL sell our produce then went home to clean up for the night. We went on a double date. We went to dinner and a movie. 22 Jumpstreet is amazing!! Really if you've been wondering if you should go see it, please do yourself a favor and go! 

Sunday we celebrated Father's day with the hubs and both of our dads. It was a super busy day but a great one! Miss O didn't do anything speical for the hubs for Father's day. We did get home a gift. I figured next year will be more fun since she'll almost be 2. Wow, I can't believe she'll be that old next year. It was still a wonderful day. 

Happy Monday friday! 

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