30 June 2014

Race Recap: Firecracker Flight 5k

Wow, Monday already! At least its a 3 day weekend right?!

My weekend was amazing? How was yours?
Friday night I went to a Royal's game with some family. It was Ladies Night Out at the K and it was really fun. 

The hubs took my last year and I loved it, him not so much, so this year it was really fun going with my mom, aunt, grandma and cousins. Plus the Royals won which was a plus. 
And setting about 10 rows back wasn't bad either. 

Saturday started bright and early with a race. Its race #4 for the Healthy Holiday Fun Run Series.
This was my sixth race of the year and I still love running. Although hills kills me. 

The race started at Metropolitan Community College. The moment we ran from the start to maybe .2 of a mile I saw this HUGE hill... I quickly realized I wouldn't have a PR. But I knew I wasn't going to finish last. 

There was about 600 runners. I noticed a lot of them from the other 3 races. I think its cool that a lot of people sigh up for this series. Its one of my favorites. 

I finsihed 8 minutes slower than my normal timing. But it was so humid and soooo freaking hilly I was ok with my time. I knew it wasn't going to be a great run but I was ok with it. After all, I'm still doing it at least. 

Can't wait for the next race on Friday! 

Sunday was a relaxing day full of laundry and cleaning the house. 
I also got some garden picking done. 

I love walking out my back door and being able to pick whatever I want! 
It was a great great weekend.

Check back tomorrow to see my July goals! 

Conversation time: 
How was your weekend?
Do you garden?
Whose ready for the 3 day weekend!?

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