04 June 2014

National Running Day

Hello Friends! 
Happy National Running Day! 
Today is a great holiday to celebrate and remember why I started running in the first place. Plus its our Anniversary! 

I started running 3 years ago in March. 
One day in early 2012 I remember looking at wedding pictures and pictures from the holidays realizing I was bigger than I thought I was. I was so ashamed. 
I knew right then and there I needed to started losing weight but I wasn't sure how. 

I knew I needed to set a goal for myself but wasn't sure what kind of goal. 

One day of Facebook I saw a good friend of my say she just signed up for a half marathon. I thought hmm I could probably start running and maybe do a race. 
I started looking into races and found a great race that was about 6 weeks away. 
I did the c25k program to help my start running. 
Right then and there I signed up for my first 5k. 
Which was March 2012. 

(First race ever 2012) 

Race day was great. I remember telling my family who came to cheer me on I don't want to finish last and I want to finish under an hour. 
I finished that race at 58:42 and didn't come in last! 
I was so proud of myself. And I was so proud I didn't quit. 

I fell in love with running that year. 

Since then I started running more and more then took last year off so I could have a baby but I'm back to running and love it! Signed up for countless races this summer/fall and continue to surprise myself with every run I do. 
Still trying to convince myself I can do a half marathon in October. 

(5 race of 2014) 

So Happy National Running Day Friends! 
Today is a day to celebrate! 


  1. I was trying to make excuses to NOT go running today... but then I saw this post... so now I am DEFINITELY running this afternoon! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Go for that half! You still have plenty of time to get ready. I have been thinking about doing the go girl run. Still not decided but I did start a training program this week.