09 June 2014

Miss O: 11 Months

Hello Friends! 
Man, its Monday already! I was not looking forward to my alarm clock going off this morning. 
We had a pretty busy weekend but it was a great one. 
Friday night we went out to dinner, hit up go ol' Wal-Mart and maybe had a milkshake. Yeah I know we are crazy over here! 
Saturday I went to the city with my MIL and did some much needed retail therapy. I mostly bought some fall clothes for Miss O (that were SUPER cheap!)  and some party stuff. 
Yes, its party planning time over here! 

(birthday invites put together)

Speaking of Miss O I thought I would give a little update on our little spunky girl! 
Today she turned 11 months. I can not believe I gave birth to her that long ago. I still feel like its hasn't been that long but somedays I can't remember what we did before we had her HA! 

(photo taken by my lovely friend Corey

I haven't done a update on her in quite some so I thought I would give you 11 facts about Miss O!

1. She loves Mickey Mouse and watches it every morning. 
2. She weighs 20.5 lbs and is 27 1/2 inches tall
 3. Girlfriend is so over nap time. Meaning some days I'm lucky for her to take a 25 minute nap.
 4. She now has 12 teeth. Yes, that's right 12!
5. She is going through the "I hate bows" stage :(
6. She loves her puppy brother Truman!
7. Her favorite food is peas and rice.
8. She's wearing size 3 diapers.
9. Her favorite part of the day is bath time. 
10. She's going to be our VERY adventurous child. 
11. She can give a high five! 

Happy Monday! 
And if you didn't know today is National Donald Duck Day! 


  1. High five Olivia!!! She's doing great! :)

    Cute invitations, where did you have them made?