02 June 2014

June Goals

Helllllllo June. 
Wow I can't believe its June already. I know I say this every month but time is just flying by. 
I feel like this summer is going to go by way to fast. I love summertime with the hubs. 

May Goals... Well they didn't go as great but I will kick it back into gear this month. 
I really felt like May was so busy that I had no free time.  And every week and weekend was jam packed with everything under the sun to do.

This month we don't have as much going on so I know I will be able to complete my goals. 

June's goals were pretty easy to make. They aren't big goals but they are goals that I need to start back up and need to continue doing.
I've been running/walking a lot so that first goal will be no problem. 
The other goals are ones I've set many times before but somewhere I've slipped and skipped a few days which then turn into a couple of weeks. 

I'm pretty confident I could run a 5k under 42 minutes. My last 5k I hit a personal record of 45:57 so I'm going to try really hard to run one under 42 minutes. 
This one might take me more than one month.

Conversation Time
What are your monthly goals?
What goal did you slip up on last month that your adding again this month?
Anyone have a running goal?


  1. I have also just done my goals for June, I would love to better my running pace - I am aiming for a PB time for a race I have scheduled in beginning of July!

  2. Good luck with you June goals. Your blog post reminded me that I need to sit down and write up a few goals of my own. I like your 70 mile goal and your lose 8 pounds goal so I plan to steal those from you.