20 June 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey guys! 
Finally its Friday. I'm so excited for the weekend. 
The hubs came home yesterday after having surgery Wednesday morning. 
He had a cyst removed from his Tibia and they told us it was benign! Thank goodness!!! 
So I've been taking care of him and Miss O. I have my hands full. I'm just glad he's home and will be fine. He's in a bit of pain but at least the cyst wasn't anything to worry about. 

I was actually surprised I got to do a blog post last night but after every one went to bed I got one in. Thank goodness I always know what I'll be talking about on Fridays. 
So, here's a look at my favorites from the week. 

Favorite Recipe: 7 Ground Turkey Recipes. Which includes this delicious looking spaghetti squash. I've still never tried spaghetti squash but this totally makes me want to try it! 

Favorite Outfit: i love this! I'm really wanting to try a maxi skirt... Maybe by the end of summer I'll be brave enough to try it. 

Favorite Baby Girl Find: Baby Girl Headbands. Aren't these so cute! I really want this for Miss O. 

Favorite Workout: HIIT Kettleball Body Changer Workout. I've been seeing a lot of kettleball workouts here and there and I really want to give one a shot! I'm so sad my gym doesn't have any. But I still thought this would be a good workout to share!

Favorite Look: Get this Look: Luxury and Style in a Small Kitchen. I want this kitchen so bad! I love every single thing about it. Its super cute and crisp and ugh just so much prettier than my boring and old kitchen. 

Favorite Organization: Chore Chart. I am really glad I came across this. Prefect timing now that I will have my hands full with Miss O and helping the hubs for the next 6 weeks. 


Favorite Sign:  I love Coffee Sign. I need this... No explaining why, I think it does it for me. Plus I think its totally cute! 

Happy Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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