05 May 2014

Spring Workout Favorites

Hello Friends, 
How was your weekend? 
Ours was good, just spent it at home with the hubs and Miss O relaxing! It was great! 

Its officially Spring here and I'm pretty excited about it. 
I love running in Spring and the Summer heat. I've said this before but I would rather run in 105 degree weather than run in 25 degrees. 
There's just something about running and sweating like crazy that I just love. Not to mention I'm terrified I'm going to freeze to death in the winter. 

Its time I change out my workout clothes for something a little more Spring type. 
Running skirts are my favorite. I love love love them. They are great for tennis too! The hubs and I usually play tennis two times a week. 
Here's some of my favorites for this season! 


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