01 May 2014

May Goals

Happy May Day!! 

I can't believe it is May 1st! 
Time to set some new monthly goals for myself. 
April's Goals went great! 
I got about 65 miles in which is pretty good and for the first time since before getting prego I ran at least 3 times or more a week. The only goal I didn't make was running a 5k under 45 minutes but I've got pretty close. My races lately have been so hilly and well I haven't been training for hills. But I've started this training for them and it sucks! Hills suck! 

I've been going back and fourth on what I want to set my May goals for and finally got then all set. I can't wait to see what May brings. 
I'll have a 10 month old, Hubs starts summer vacation, first trip to the zoo and tons of running! 
Let summer begin!


  1. Congrats on meeting your April goals! I bet you get that 5k under 45min this month for sure!

    Enjoy your summer of fun!

  2. Great goals! I like the run/walk goal, sometimes a running goal seems overwhelming for me, I might do the run/walk thing too!

  3. Love your goals, I am trying to get back in check and started working on my goals today! I find writing them out really helps me stick to them. Keep up the good work!