07 May 2014

2 Mile Walk

Happy Wednesday Friends! 
Yesterday was beautiful! It was hot, sunny and just lovely. 

Breakfast: Eggs cooked with coconut oil, turkey sausage and a banana. 
This has been my go to breakfast lately. I eat it daily, Its delicious and so easy! I usually change up the fruit. 

 I had to work for a few hours yesterday then Miss O and I went to the hubs baseball game. 
We showed up to the game early so we could go for a little walk. O loves going for walks so we hit the track! 

We walked the track at the park and around the neighborhood. My parents live a few blocks away so we walked to their house to get some water. 
I quickly got hot and sweaty and realized that I forgot my water. 
Thank goodness they live near!

It was a nice easy walk! Miss O loved every minute of it! 

Conversation Time: 
Did you get out and enjoy the weather?
What's your favorite breakfast?

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