07 April 2014

Weekend Fun

Annnnnd its Monday already...
Dang I was hoping for a longer weekend but oh well. 
It was an amazing weekend. 

Friday my mom and I went shopping. It was great!! I had two baby showers to shop for and she needed to go to Sam's. I forget how much I love going to Sam's. They always have great deals and wonderful random items. 

The bag is a cooler and it came with those containers and ice packs. I was so excited! We are always needing a cooler. Plus its super cute! Sam's has the best deal on trash bags plus I can't find those nuts anywhere else. 

Saturday, I dropped a baby gift off at a friends and then Chris and I headed to the city to watch Captain America. According to the hubs, the best way to see a Marvel moving is at the IMAX so that's what we did. I wasn't sure I would like the movie. Although, I don't think I've even been disappointed with a Marvel movie but they aren't really my type of movie but holy cow. That movie was uh-mazing! 
I loved every single part. The hubs said it was the best Marvel movie to date! 

Sunday we did the normal, cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. Plus we cleaned up the grill and did some stuff outside. It was a low key day but it was gorgeous out!
We grilled for dinner and it was delish! 

How was your weekend?
Any plans for the week?

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  1. At first glance it looks like you just had a leaf of lettuce! :) Sounds like a great weekend!