27 April 2014

Sweatin' on Sundays

Hey friends! 
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We sure are! 
Yesterday I went for a run with my mom to start my day then grocery shopping and cleaning the house. 
You know we got all crazy over here! 

Today we are just relaxing and hanging out. I'm going to be meal prepping a bit but nothing to exciting. 

So today's post is a recap on my workouts from the week. I thought this would help me stay accountable and help stay on track with my 10k training

Here's my workouts from last week! 

Sunday April 20 - 30 minute run. 

Monday April 21- Rest day

Tuesday April 22 - 30 minute run (2 miles) 

Wednesday April 23 - Cross Training. I worked on my arm

Thursday April 24 - Yoga I enjoyed my first yoga class! Can't wait til next week. 

Friday April 25 - Rest. 

Saturday April 26 - 30 minutes run/walk with my mom. 

This week went pretty good for my 10k training. My mile got faster each day I run so I'm pretty excited about that. 
Can't wait for next week.. 

Conversation Time: 
Are you training for an upcoming race?
How's your weekend going?

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  1. I really wish I could get into yoga. . . Kudos to you! Ps. I nominated you :-)http://www.showmeashley.com/liebster-award/