21 April 2014

Race Recap:: Easter Escapade 5k

Hello, Happy Monday! 

 I can't believe its Monday already. Thank goodness I have off so I can catch up on house work. 
The weekend was great and super busy. I think we were home for about 2 hours over the whole weekend. 

Yesterday we spend the day celebrating Easter with family. Miss O loved her gift from the Easter Bunny.

Saturday I ran my 3rd race of the year and it was amazing. 
I ran the Eater Escapade 5k part of the Healthy Holiday Fun Run Series
Its a great series. I'm so glad I signed up to run them all. Plus, having family do it with me is great! 
It was a beautiful day for a race too. 

There was only one big hill on the last half mile and of course I had to use all I had left to get up that hill. 
I really need to start training for hills. Ugh... 
We started at Centerpoint Hospital and ran in a great neighborhood. They were a few other runners running along the trail that weren't racing. 

It was a great race and well put together. They always to such a great job and its always so well organized. 

Hope everyone had a great Easter. 
We are so blessed! 

Conversation time: 
Do you train for hills?
Did anyone else have a race this weekend?

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