11 April 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey guys! 
I can't believe its Friday already. I'm so ready for the weekend. 
We are headed down South today for see some friends and attend a baby shower this weekend. 
I'm so excited I haven't seen my girlfriends for about 2 months so it is way over due! 

Next week is going to be great too. I have a few recipes lined up! 
But until then here's my favorite things I saw throughout the week on the internet and pinterest. 

Favorite Work: Yoga for Runners. I did these a few times this week and wow. I'm really, really starting to love yoga!

Favorite Recipe: Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo This is the hubs favorite dish. I can't wait to try something more skinny that doesn't lack flavor! 

Favorite Easter Crafts: 15 Awesome Easter Crafts. I really can not wait to be doing crafts for each holiday with Miss O. 

Favorite Outfit: I just love this! 

Favorite Quote: 

Have a GREAT weekend! 

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