10 March 2014

Race Recap: Leprechaun Lane 5k

Saturday I ran my 2nd race of the year. It was a little warmer than my first race.
I did this one with my Aunt, Cousin and Mom. 
It was fun but oh my goodness was this course HILLY! 
The Leprechaun Lane 5k is part of the Healthy Holiday Series I'm running this year. There's a total of 8 runs throughout the year and I've already completed two of them. The next one is in April. 

This race was downtown Blue Springs and I never knew Blue Springs was so hilly! 
Every time I thought  we were done with hills about 3 more would pop up. It was hilly the ENTIRE race. That's probably why I didn't have a great timing but dang I burned some amazing calories! 
So proud of these ladies

It was a great Saturday morning. Plus, I love doing races with family. 
It was a great weekend! 
Ready for my next race! 

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  1. Happy looking family! That's a really cool idea for a race series.