17 March 2014

Race Recap: Big 12 5k

Hello Monday, 
And Happy St. Patrick's Day!! 
(hope you remembered green today!) 

This weekend was amazing. The hubs and I were in Kansas City all weekend hanging out, baby free. 
We missed Miss O tons and may have gone home a little early to see her! 

Saturday morning I did another race. My third one of the year. I'm pretty excited this year is starting out to be a great year! 

This week was the start of the Big 12 Championship games and they were putting on a race so I decided to sign up for it because we would be only a few blocks away from the start. 
It was a great race! 

I love running downtown Kansas City. I feel like there's something new I haven't seen before every time I run downtown. 
The only thing I would say stunk were all the hills. 
They weren't bad and I knew they were coming but dang there was one to many. 

I did PR in my first mile. I ran my fastest 1 mile I think since probably high school, I was sooo excited!
I'm a slow runner but I'm ok with that. 
I mean at least I'm doing it, right? 

Conversation time:
How was your weekend? 
Are you a slow or fast runner?
Anyone watch the Big 12 Championship games?

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  1. Congrats on your fastest mile!! I don't think it matters if you are fast or slow - a mile is still a mile, right?