12 February 2014

WIAW #4: Breakfast and Lunch

This week I'm sharing my breakfast and lunches. 
They have pretty much stayed the same. 
They are easy and delicious. 
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Rice cake with pb and fruit or I've been having eggs with fruit. Eggs have been really great lately. 
Always, always, always coffee with almond milk. 

Same as breakfast I typically eat thing same thing over and over until I'm tired of it. 
The few weeks have been sandwiches. 
One day I had a taco salad because I have leftover taco meat from the night before. 

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Have an amazing HUMP day. 

Do you typically eat the same thing over and over again or 
do you like to switch it up? 


  1. Nothing beats eggs and fruit for breakfast! I think overtime I've gotten much better about switching up my meals - which def. wasn't always the case. I look to pinterest for new ideas and really try to work w/ them throughout the week.

  2. Sometimes I like breakfast so much I want to eat it for dinner. Those eggs do look wonderfully cooked though!