10 February 2014

Race Recap: Sweetheart Shuffle 5k

Saturday I did my first race of the year. 
The Sweetheart Shuffle 5k in Independence MO. Its a series of 8 race throughout the year. This was the first of the 8.  
We started the race right out of the parking lot of Bass Pro, then did two loops around the road. 
My cousin Shelley and I did this one together. And it was pretty fun even though it was freezing out. 

The race started at 8 a.m. and it was only 17 degrees out. Plus, it was pretty windy and snow still on the ground so it was pretty dang cold! 
The course was super easy. It was 2 loops around the road. Simple and easy. No hills which was my favorite. 

(no I don't drink Monster)

It was simple and fun. A great way to start the running year! 
I'm excited for my next run now and hoping it won't be as cold! 
Its in 3 weeks so hopefully is won't be... Who knows with Missouri though. 

How was your weekend?
Anyone else have a race in the freezing cold?

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